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Psychological evaluations - administered by our professional team - are invaluable in understanding and addressing the needs of individual students for learning and development. We conduct, interpret, and report professionally and accurately to fairly describe student needs. These reports can positively influence a student's educational life. 


A psychological evaluation is a set of assessment procedures administered by our licensed school psychologists to obtain information about a student's learning capacity, school behavioral issues, and possible mental health and learning impairments. School psychologists most often conduct evaluations as part of the special education team's evaluation to determine eligibility for services; however, they might also conduct evaluations to help develop instructional or behavior plans for students, to identify significant mental health concerns, or to determine eligibility for gifted programs or school readiness.

While most of our services revolve around testing at our regularly contracted sites, we are one of few that offer testing services that come to you. We also employ highly qualified and skilled counselors and therapists to help with interventions, trainings, and determinations for eligibility. Most testing centers will need you to come to them. Not us. We understand the needs of remote schools across South Dakota and the region. We come to you when you need us and for a complete and comprehensive service to address all of your eligibility needs as well as trainings, interventions, and all school counseling and psychological needs. 

By applying testing, evaluation, interventions, and counseling services, we are able to empower schools and students to increase academic achievement. By identifying learning hurdles - both academic, mental health, behavioral, and learning disabilities - we are then able to help create an environment that sets up students for success. 


By creating environments that support positive learning for both student's and educators, we improve academic achievement. 


As school psychological professionals, we offer both evaluation and counseling supports that promote positive behavior and mental health to improve communication and social skills, behavioral needs and assist in the problem solving and coping skills a student needs to succeed. 


We also support staff by creating and training intervention groups, address school bullying, identifying and working with at-risk students, and provide crisis intervention workshops. 



School Psychological Testing and Counseling

Midwest Evaluation Services is a Rapid City based Psychological Testing and Evaluation service. We provide services to both Rapid City clients and as a traveling testing agency for Rural communities. MES provides Educational Testing, Training, Evaluation, Consultation, and School and Mental Health Counseling services to schools in South Dakota. We specialize in high needs, special education, and South Dakota Tribal schools.


Our highly trained and accredited staff work in the South Dakota Regional Tribal school systems to identify needs, meet federal evaluation requirements, and assist in the development of high-needs education plans. 





  • Data collection and analysis

  • Assessment

  • Progress monitoring

  • Assist in developing School-wide practices to promote learning

  • Identifying Resilience and risk factors

  • Academic/learning interventions

  • Mental health interventions

  • Behavioral interventions and support

  • Instructional support

  • Prevention and intervention services

  • Special education services

  • Achievement testing

  • Behavioral Evaluation

  • Skill Based assessments

  • Crisis preparedness, response, and recovery

  • Family-school-community collaboration

  • Parent Education

  • Staff training & Dorm Staff training

  • Teacher & Paraprofessional training

  • ADHD, Autism, Behavioral, Learning Disability, Mental Health Trainings

  • IDEA and 504 trainings

  • Diversity in development and learning

  • Program evaluation

  • Social Skills Groups

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